Do You Want to Protect your Emails and Data from Thieves and Snoopers?

Encrypt and send your confidential messages and files directly to your customer's PC.

No cloud.   No snoopers.   No hackers.   No Spam.

SecurityNet for Windows

  It works as simply as 1-2-3

 1 - Select files to send

  2 - Drop them into a folder

 3 - SecurityNet encrypts & delivers them


  • Your email and cloud storage accounts are being scanned and hacked by all sorts of snoopers, governments and thieves.
  • Use our end-to-end direct encrypted connections to your contacts, and your data is nicely hidden from prying eyes.
  • Set up your own Private Network
  • Add contacts by invitation only
  • Peer-to-peer secure delivery 
  • Your activity is NEVER tracked


  • Unless encrypted, your emails and data are vulnerable to hacking and interception by all sorts of sophisticated scanning software.
  • SecurityNet encrypts your data with with AES encryption and uses passwords that even you won’t know.
  • Automatic encryption as standard
  • Build an encrypted private network
  • Your business is YOUR business
  • No Spies. No Thieves. NoHackers


  • Your email accounts are plagued with a never ending flood of SPAM on a daily basis - emails with viruses and unwanted messages.
  • With SecurityNet, you and your contacts can build your own invitation-only Private Encrypted Network.
  • Add contacts to your Contact List
  • Your contacts add YOU to their list
  • Exchange data and files in privacy
  • No more SPAM!

Are you using those insecure Big Box cloud storage and email systems?

Afraid your confidential data is getting stolen?

Sick and tired of SPAM? 

Well, try SecurityNet  -  and turn this....

...into THIS!!!!

  • Install the Free Trial on up to 5 PCs so you can thoroughly test.
  • Try the complete SecurityNet functionality for 14 days.
  • As you install SecurityNet, you will choose a unique SecurityNet ID for yourself.
  • Your SecurityNet ID must be unique - just as an email address is unique to you.
  • Exchange your SecurityNet ID with your fellow testers.
  • Add each other's SecurityNet IDs to your Contact Lists.
  • Start sending files to each other.

Get immediate access to a Free Trial of SecurityNet and
start protecting your most valuable asset...

Your Privacy!!!