Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Privacy

Encrypt and send your confidential files directly to your customer.

 SecurityNet for Windows

  It works as simply as 1-2-3

 1 - Select files to send

  2 - Drop them into a folder

 3 - SecurityNet encrypts & delivers them


  • Your email and cloud storage accounts are being scanned and hacked by all sorts of snoopers, governments and thieves.
  • Use our end-to-end direct encrypted connections to your contacts, and your data is nicely hidden from prying eyes.
  • Set up your own Private Network
  • Add contacts by invitation only
  • Peer-to-peer secure delivery 
  • Your activity is NEVER tracked


  • Unless encrypted, your emails and data are vulnerable to hacking and interception by all sorts of sophisticated scanning software.
  • SecurityNet encrypts your data with with AES encryption and uses passwords that even you won’t know.
  • Automatic encryption as standard
  • Build an encrypted private network
  • Your business is YOUR business
  • No Spies. No Thieves. NoHackers


  • Your email accounts are plagued with a never ending flood of SPAM on a daily basis - emails with viruses and unwanted messages.
  • With SecurityNet, you and your contacts can build your own invitation-only Private Encrypted Network.
  • Add contacts to your Contact List
  • Your contacts add YOU to their list
  • Exchange data and files in privacy
  • No more SPAM!

Are you using those insecure Big Box cloud storage and email systems?

Afraid your confidential data is getting stolen?

Sick and tired of SPAM? 

Well, try SecurityNet  -  and turn this....

...into THIS!!!!

  • Install the Free Trial on up to 5 PCs so you can thoroughly test.
  • Try the complete SecurityNet functionality for 14 days.
  • As you install SecurityNet, you will choose a unique SecurityNet ID for yourself.
  • Your SecurityNet ID must be unique - just as an email address is unique to you.
  • Exchange your SecurityNet ID with your fellow testers.
  • Add each other's SecurityNet IDs to your Contact Lists.
  • Start sending files to each other.

Get immediate access to a Free Trial of SecurityNet and
start protecting your most valuable asset...

Your Privacy!!!