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Free Trial

SecurityNet 14-day Free Trial

Protects Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Privacy

Send your confidential data directly PC to PC securely encrypted and protected


With our end-to-end direct encrypted connections to your contacts, your confidential data is nicely hidden from prying eyes. Share and exchange your confidential data and files with clients, colleagues, friends in total privacy.


End-to-end encrypted data transfer. SecurityNet encrypts your data with with AES encryption and uses ever-changing passwords that even we don’t know.


Your own invitation-only Private Encrypted Network. Your activity is NEVER tracked, and we NEVER store your data. Your files and messages are sent directly to your contact with no middle-man to compromise your privacy.

Try SecurityNet for free – no credit card required.

Your own Secure, Encrypted, Private user network.
Easy to use privacy protection for Windows users.
Share the Installation File and License Key with your colleagues.
Install on up to 5 Windows devices so you can thoroughly test.
After 14 days you will be prompted to purchase a subscription.

Install on up to 5 devices – locally or around the world

As you install SecurityNet, you must choose a SecurityNet ID for yourself.
Your SecurityNet ID must be unique (just as an email address is unique)
Exchange your SecurityNet ID with your fellow testers.
Add each others SecurityNet IDs to your Contacts List.
Start sending messages and files to each other in total privacy.

You can install SecurityNet on the following Windows operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, ​Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2.

How to Protect Your Privacy

Download and install SecurityNet

Choose your unique SecurityNet ID

Add the license key from your Receipt

Add your contacts' SecurityNet IDs

Select some files or create a message

Select your contacts and click "Send"

SecurityNet will encrypt and send the files and messages directly to your contacts when they get on-line

No "Cloud" - No Middle-man Just secure end-to-end protection