How to install SecurityNet

How to Install SecurityNet

My name is Ian Zatman.

I founded SecurityNet in 2017 to deliver privacy and security that email cannot provide, via a user-to-user encrypted data transfer service for a global audience of users where each user passes information directly to another user.

By directly we mean that literally.  

  • Your data flows from your computer to your contact's computer.  
  • No cloud or server in between you and your client. 
  • No opportunity for spies, hackers, governments to get at your data. 
  • Encrypted end to end with ever changing passwords.
  • And even if they do intercept a transmission, all they get is garbage!

SecurityNet: When email and cloud storage is just not secure enough.

Please scroll down for video lessons that explain how to install and use SecurityNet

Video #1 : How to Install SecurityNet

Video #2 : Add to your Contact List, and Send/Receive files

Video #3 : How to use the Activity Logs

Video #4 : ​Send ​messages ​& an advanced method to send files