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Get your own Private Encrypted User Network that takes your privacy seriously

Please ensure that you have tested SecurityNet using the Free Trial. All purchases are final and we do not provide any refunds.

Monthly plans


per device/mo

  • Plug-and-play. Installs in minutes
  • AES 256 End-to-End Encryption
  • Unlimited encrypted file transfers
  • No-logs and no-tracking policy
  • Protect your confidential data
  • Connect with invitation-only users
Enterprise / sME plans


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  • Customised in-house network
  • Client software for your customers
  •  Premium Encrypted Networks 
  • AES 256 End-toEnd Encryption
  • Unlimited encrypted file transfers
  • Custom configuration required
All prices exclude Tax (VAT).  The VAT is only charged for customers in the UK if applicable.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Privacy

Share and receive confidential data directly - device to device - securely encrypted and protected.


With our end-to-end direct encrypted connections to your contacts, your confidential data is nicely hidden from prying eyes. Share and exchange your confidential data and files with clients, colleagues, friends in total privacy.


End-to-end encrypted data transfer. SecurityNet encrypts your data with with AES encryption and uses ever-changing passwords that even we don’t know.


Your own invitation-only Private Encrypted Network. Your activity is NEVER tracked, and we NEVER store your data. Your files and messages are sent directly to your contact with no middle-man to compromise your privacy.

Choose the number of Windows devices you need.

Select the number of Windows devices

You will receive a license key on completion of purchase

The license allows you to activate the selected number of devices

Share the multi-user license with your friends, colleagues and customers