Take back control of the privacy of your confidential communications.

  • Simply drag-and-drop (or point-and-click) to send your confidential data in total privacy. 
  • SecurityNet effectively eliminates your exposure to risk, easily and conveniently.
  • SecurityNet allows your computer to pass your information directly to your contacts computer.

By directly we mean that literally...

  • Your data flows from your computer to your contact's computer.  
  • No cloud or server in between you and your client. 
  • No opportunity for spies, hackers, governments to get at your data. 
  • Encrypted end to end with ever changing passwords.
  • And even if they do intercept a transmission, all they get is garbage!

SecurityNet helps you go from this...

Privacy Breaches!


Unauthorised Access! this...

Private Network of Users

Encrypted from you...

...directly to your contact!

  • Encrypted end-to-end data transfer
  • We do not track what you send or who you send it to.
  • SecurityNet generates its own one-time encryption passwords that even we do not know.

We have automated the encryption and decryption process so that all you need to do is point and click.

SecurityNet is completely plug-and-play. You can be up and running in a few minutes.

  • Select files to send and SecurityNet encrypts them and sends them on their way.
  • SecurityNet keeps your in-transit data safe from prying eyes and malicious third-parties.
  • Point-to-point encrypted file transfers guarantee it.
  • Transfer data from office to office, branch to branch, to clients, customers, colleagues.
  • Your data goes directly to your correspondent.
  • SecurityNet creates your own private encrypted network on the Internet.
  • Automatic encryption features make sure that your business remains your business!

SecurityNet uses AES 256 encryption with ever-changing passwords that even we don’t know.

Your activity is NEVER tracked, and we NEVER store your data.