Installation Screen:

Logon Screen:


Pick Files to Send: double-click a contact to select files to send...

Status: double-click on each line to show the progress.

Activity Logs:

Click the "Detailed Activity Logs"  button to open up the next level:

Double-click a log file to open.  Or click "Display Live Activity" to see the live progress:

Inbox / Outbox



This process must be running in order to connect to your contacts.  You can start and stop this process as required.  If you exit SecurityNet without stopping Send/Receive, it will continue running in the background to pick up any data sent from the contacts.

This process automatically runs in the background.  It can be found on the Task Bar, bottom right of the screen.  Right-click to open up the options.

Click "Show Send/Receive" to open the process. It scans the contacts list to see if anything is ready to send, and it checks the remote contacts to see if any files are ready to be received.