Whenever you are connected to  the Internet your data is vulnerable to prying eyes and malicious third parties.

So, you need to ask yourself...

  • Are you sure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) really secure?
  • Do you know if your network is compromised in any way?
  • Is your computer being accessed by someone out there?
  • Do you think your emails are really private - or are they like postcards, open to all?
  • Are you uploading your private and confidential data to an insecure cloud storage service?

The odds are - you probably have no idea!

If you are sending emails and attachments or transferring data over external networks, you should be aware that most of what you send is being scanned by all sorts of sophisticated software, primarily looking for viruses - but also checking your content to see what ads to show you.

Today's technology is such that anyone can scan your data and emails for anything - meaning your business is not necessarily your own.

  • SecurityNet gives you total end-to-end security from your PC to your contacts PCs.
  • Send your confidential data directly from PC to PC secured, encrypted, protected.
  • No "Cloud" - No Middle-man - Just secure point-to-point protection.

Private Network of Users

Encrypted from you...

...directly to your contact!

With SecurityNet, your business really is YOUR business!!!

  • We encrypt and send your data directly to your contacts PCs - no cloud, no sniffers.
  • Encryption combined with private communications guarantees your security and privacy.
  • SecurityNet creates your own private encrypted network on the Internet.
  • It puts YOU in control of YOUR privacy and security!
  • Our automatic encryption features make sure that your business remains your business!
  • Drop a file into a designated folder and it is encrypted and sent automatically.
  • Your files are encrypted during transmission to ensure the confidentiality of your data.
  • Automated secure encrypted point-to-point data transfer.