What's possible with SecurityNet Pro?

Bespoke Customization

Choose the number of end points - users or devices - you require for your business. 

Select one or more exclusive Private User Networks for your organization - departmental, regional, or global. 

If required, we can also provide you with the ability to upload your lists of pre-authorized users segregated by network.

Customized In-House and Client Software
  • SecurityNet software for your own in-house users.
  • SecurityNet Client software for your clients and customers.
  • One or more Premium Encrypted Networks configured for your exclusive use.
  • Custom configuration required.
Upon confirmation of your order, we will configure:
  • Your SecurityNet software for use within your organisation, 
  • The SecurityNet Client software that you will provide to your external clients, vendors, associates
  • Your Private Encrypted User Networks
Build Regional SecurityNet Networks:
Build a North America Network...
Build Global Networks, like EMEA...