What is SecurityNet

Protect your Private Emails, Attachments and Data quickly and easily!

When email and cloud storage is just not secure enough for private files

Do you trust the Privacy and Security of Your Confidential Files and Messages?

In today’s fast paced business world dominated by the huge storage & transfer of information online, finding an effective solution to securing our data has become one of our most important tasks!

With email and cloud storage not being secure enough for private files, privacy breaches, hacking and unauthorised access to our emails & attachments on the rise,  current security solutions are unable to effectively solve these problems .

How can we effectively eliminate your exposure to risk, easily and conveniently?

We can build you a Private Encrypted User Network for Confidential Files and Messages

  • As a private encrypted invitation-only network of users, your data is encrypted in-transit direct from your computer to your contacts' computers.
  • SecurityNet provides end-to-end encryption with no tracking & no middlemen.

  • Users simply exchange their SecurityNet User Ids in order to connect.

The SecurityNet Service connects you directly to your clients' computers. 

Your computer passes information directly to your client.

We provide you with an easy-to-use tool to create your own private encrypted invitation-only network of users.  The SecurityNet Service provides users with peer-to-peer encrypted data transfer capabilities. 

Each of your computers passes information directly to another without the need for an insecure central server.

Unlike other platforms which are prone to hacking and data breaches, simply because they store your data on their servers, we offer end-to-end encryption with no tracking & no middlemen.

Protect the confidential files you send to your clients and colleagues from 

Privacy Breaches, Hackers, Unauthorised Access.

Privacy Bre​​​​​aches!


Unauthorised Access!

So what makes SecurityNet different?

Well, just look at the standard email and cloud storage providers....

Email is copied in so many places, you may as well send postcards!

  • Traditional providers store every email you ever sent.
  • And the cloud storage providers control the security of your data.
  • SecurityNet does neither of those - your business is YOUR business!

Each email you send is copied and stored at least 3 times...

  • Your own Service Provider keeps a copy!
  • The destination Service Provider keeps a copy!
  • And at each hop across the internet more copies are stored!

And when you trust your data to cloud storage...

  • The big-box storage companies are magnets for hackers!
  • Your data is either not encrypted or the provider holds the keys!
  • You have no guarantee that your data is not being accessed!

However, with SecurityNet, the promise of privacy is guaranteed because your data is never stored on our servers.

We don't copy or track what you send or who you send it to - instead, we provide activity logs on your computers, which you can keep or delete as you wish.

Our forward thinking approach to absolute security, 100​​​​% data confidentiality & privacy, set us apart from every other platform out there

So why put up with standard day-to-day snooping of your data?

With SecurityNet there is nothing to copy, nothing to hack, nothing to snoop on!

Private Network of Users

Encrypted from you...

...directly to your contact!

Your data and activity is totally private.  Your business is YOUR business!

Each message and file you send is NEVER copied or stored ...

  • SecurityNet does not see your data or even track your activity!
  • Only your target contact gets a copy of the data you send!
  • Even if the in-transit data is intercepted, it is encrypted and private.

And we don't do cloud storage...

  • No storage, so we are not a magnet for hackers!
  • Your data is encrypted and even we don't know the keys!
  • The encryption keys change every minute for added security!

What we do...

  • SecurityNet securely connects you and your invited contacts 
  • So you can communicate in a Private Encrypted Network.  
  • What you do with that is up to you!
  • SecurityNet is a Secure, Encrypted, Private User Network.  You get a multi-user license which you can share with your trusted clients, customers, colleagues and friends.
  • Create your own private invitation-only network of users. Invite only the people you want to join your network - you only EVER exchange messages and files with people you know, want and trust.
  • ​​​​Your data is totally private since it is NEVER stored on our servers. This is where we differ from the big-box email services and cloud storage providers who hold your data and cannot guarantee your confidentiality.
  • When you sign up for SecurityNet you get assured confidentiality.  Your data and messages are encrypted and sent directly to the contacts you choose without any tracking at all. Your business is YOUR business!
  • ​​​SecurityNet connects you ONLY to your private contactsOnce connected you can send and receive files and messages in total privacy. We keep no activity logs, no connection history, and no data.
  • Give your Business Associates the Gift of PrivacyWhen you give your business associates a license to install SecurityNet, you are giving them confidence in your commitment to honour their confidentiality. 

So now you know what SecurityNet is, it's time to find out 
How SecurityNet Works...

Sign up for the SecurityNet Service 

Our website has the option to directly purchase a license for up to 25 users. Purchase on-line or, if you prefer, we can arrange alternative payment and invoicing options.

If you need a larger number of devices or have specific requirements, please just contact us and we will set it up for you.

We will configure the SecurityNet Service for you according to your requirements and send you a link for you to download the software needed to connect to the Service.

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3

The SecurityNet license is configured for a specific number of "activations" - the number of devices you can install the SecurityNet Software on.

  1. Get your multi-user license and share it with your associates.
  2. You all install the software on your devices
  3. Exchange your SecurityNet User IDs

That's it!  Now  you are up and running with a secure private network ready for your private encrypted communications.

  • Installing SecurityNet takes just a couple of minutes.  
  • Cut-and-paste the license key from the purchase confirmation, choose a SecurityNet ID for yourself, and click "Install".

  • When you install SecurityNet, you will choose a SecurityNet ID for yourself – this SecurityNet ID will become your contact "handle".
  • Exchange your SecurityNet ID with your associates so you can exchange data with each other.

  • This SecurityNet ID must be unique – like an email address is unique, so your SecurityNet ID is unique to you.  

SecurityNet runs on Windows devices – PCs, laptops and tablets – as well as Mac OSX computers running Virtual Machines such as Parallels with a Windows OS.

SecurityNet runs on the following Windows operating systems:

 Windows 10,  8.1,  8,  7, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012

Create a SecurityNet network for your business.

Install SecurityNet on a PC or server in each of your offices to provide a secure private network for your business communications.  

Now you know what SecurityNet is and how it works...

  • 1
    As a private encrypted invitation-only network of users, you​​​​r data is encrypted in-transit direct from your computer to your contacts' computers.
  • 2
    Unlike other platforms which are prone to hacking and data breaches, simply because they store your data on their servers, we offer end-to-end encryption with no tracking & no middlemen.
  • 3
    We provide Total Privacy!  With SecurityNet there is nothing to copy, nothing to hack, nothing to snoop on!