Create a private encrypted network of users – protect your business and personal communications

Emails and attachments are being systematically scanned by hackers, governments and assorted snoopers.

But by using our end-to-end direct encrypted connections to your business and personal contacts, your confidential messages and data files are nicely hidden from prying eyes.


Automatic AES Encryption: Select your files, SecurityNet encrypts them and sends them directly to your contact.

Protect your vulnerable data in-transit from interception by hackers and sophisticated scanning software.

The best way to keep your confidential in-transit files safe is to encrypt them. SecurityNet automatically encrypts your data with AES encryption passwords that even we don’t know.


Total end-to-end privacy. We NEVER see or store your confidential data. No “cloud” storage. No tracking.

SecurityNet creates your own invitation-only encrypted private network of users over the internet.

Choose your own contacts – customers, clients, business partners, friends.  Exchange messages and files with each other in total privacy with SecurityNet’s encrypted private network.

SecurityNet : When email and cloud storage is just not secure enough.