My name is Ian Zatman. I am the founder of SecurityNet.

I have been an IT Consultant in the UK, EU and USA for over 30 years. With time off for a couple of years to milk cows. Don't  ask!

On one IT assignment I designed security software for a major European Bank to secure and encrypt the transmission of payments across insecure networks throughout Eastern Europe. Originally called SecurityBlanket, the software required the resources of a major bank's IT department to install and maintain. 

Based on that experience, I founded to create a plug-and-play security service that secures and encrypts confidential data as it travels across the internet. This service would - and should - be made available to anyone, be it an enterprise, a smaller business or even individuals.

And so SecurityNet was born...

I hope you will try it out. I am sure you will find it easy to use, with the added benefit of protecting yourself from the surveillance society we live in today.

Ian Zatman